Hello! My name is Adam Brush and welcome to my website.

“Success is not just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do”      – Unknown

I always like to think of this statement before I make decisions about my life. To start, I’d like to give you a little history about me. I was born and raised in Reno, NV with a very large family. As such, I was always surrounded by people who had many different experiences and many different viewpoints on life. I began to make it my mission to experience and develop my own viewpoint on life.

I received my undergraduate degree from the college of engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno in 2011. I found a love of engineering from a young age and enjoyed tinkering with and rebuilding old cars and trucks my family had around the ranch.

As my family saw my love for these things, I began to also have an interest in aviation. My grandfather was a long time rancher who was also a barnstormer pilot. Passing that tradition on, he taught my father to fly whose first solo flight was when he was only 12 years old. In continuing tradition, my father and grandfather also taught me to fly as early as when I could stand on the seat and see over the dash.

Though these experiences, I began to search for my career in aviation. At first, I started as wanting to be a corporate pilot but as I grew and learned more about aviation, I found that I loved designing and developing ideas that apply to aviation. After graduation, I began contracting with an aviation company which ultimately led me to my current career as a mechanical and sales engineer in aerospace.

You may wonder why all of this detail is important, but I assure you it is. I thought I had landed exactly where I wanted to be. I was in aviation, and I was designing products. However, the viewpoint I was developing and my experiences so far were telling me I wasn’t finished. I didn’t think I was living my full potential and truly thought I could do more than this. It was at this point I decided to pursue an MBA.

I decided to dedicate my spare time outside of the office toward earning an MBA which would help me understand business as a whole and how to go about effecting change in an organization. I think we all have inherent management abilities but when armed with the proper technique and vocabulary, we can truly change the way people live and work. I emphasized in entrepreneurship so that I can realize the potential of ideas I may have or help others realize theirs as well.

I think I can provide value to others and organizations by adapting to changing situations and projects and completing tasks as a team or as an individual. I like to think of myself as a motivated person that enjoys learning new ideas and new ways to do things while maintaining a personal commitment to accountability, cost, and schedule.

My management style is one of teamwork and leadership. I think people are their own genius and when given the opportunity to succeed, they will.

“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity”

  • George S. Patton

My goal in life is to not only be successful, but also help those around me succeed as well. I think these little changes we can make for others will ultimately lead to our own personal success and happiness.

That’s the short of it for me! I hope you enjoy my website! Please feel free to leave any comments you may have.

Adam W. Brush