Balance – The key to success

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Entrepreneurship is tough, it’s all encompassing, it’s time consuming. There are times when pursuing your goal needs 100% of your attention, hand holding it through its inception through growth and maturity. Developing your business becomes your focus and your driving force as you pursue your passions. It’s easy to make this mistake and loose balance between work and life. Many of us lack the ability to identify when one or the other has gone too far. I’m a firm believer that sustainable success does not come without balance. Leaders who fail to balance their work life and personal life will likely burnout or fail in the long run. These leaders are inefficient in running their own life so how can you expect them to run a business efficiently?

Look around at the people you think are successful. Really look and try to learn from their choices and maybe even from their mistakes. Some of these people put off their personal life so long that they now struggle with family and have a very limited number of friends. Most of the time, these people only have friends that reside in the workplace. In some cases, these people may be in the middle of their own mistake and have not taken a step back to see where they are and where they are headed. We need to maintain a high level perspective of our goals and motivations while we work toward success.

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It’s easy to make excuses when you’ve lost your balance. As I mentioned, there will  absolutely be times when you’ll have to put life on hold to focus on the business but the key is to remember to restore the balance. Life will not wait around for you to do it and if you don’t recognize when it’s time, it may be too late.

Success has many different definitions. Some people define success as becoming financially rich, others define it as living a fulfilled and purposeful life. I recommend that you sit down and ask yourself what your definition of success is. It will likely have many different aspects but that is okay. You need to define your success factors so that you can begin to balance your time accordingly to support those wants and needs. When you find your balance point, your life will begin to change because your demeanor will change. You’ll feel more fulfilled and will perform better in all aspects of your professional and personal life.

This topic doesn’t just apply to entrepreneurs, but to most all of us. Many people simply need to do the exercise of looking at what success means to them rather than trying to fit into what they have been told success is. Once you realize that you are your own unique person with your own unique balance point, your perspective will begin to shift and you’ll adjust your time as necessary. One thing to remember is that you cannot judge or compare yourself to others who are finding their balance point. Some people may balance at 80hr workweeks because their definition of success is not the same as you and me. The people that we especially want to help are those who don’t balance at 80hr work weeks but think they have to in order to succeed.

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One thing I like to focus on when I begin to lose balance is my energy levels. I find that my body begins to tell me first when I’m losing balance. The first thing that stops when I’m on this path is my workouts. It’s easy to say you’ll workout tomorrow, and then again the next day, and the next. Soon, you’ve put it off completely to where it doesn’t even fit into your schedule. Once I identify this trend, I immediately look for ways to repair and resolve the balance.

Where is your balance point? Leave a review or comment? What do you do to help identify when you’re loosing your balance?


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