Motivation – Find it and keep it

Motivation is key to a career in entrepreneurship. Simply put, without it you will ultimately fail in any entrepreneurial venture you take on. I hinted at motivation in finding your passion such that if you are working on your passion, you will find motivation more easily. Although working within your passion will help you find your motivation, that doesn’t mean you’ll “keep it” and stay motivated.

I follow these few steps to find and keep me motivated:

  1. Depending on the urgency of the matter, take a step back from the gloves on, hands on, dirty work. Get a high level view of where you are going to make sure you’re on track. Getting a glimpse of where you’re headed will help align your efforts in a strategic way such that it will help you connect your efforts with your goals. I like to think of this as looking where you’re going when you’re swimming. If you just put your head down and swim, we naturally tend to veer off course for any number of reasons. Picking your head up and looking at the destination will help you adjust and put your efforts in the right direction and remind you that you did indeed have a goal.
  2. Don’t solely focus on your goals and objectives. You must create a healthy atmosphere for valuable work effort. Find a balance between working and living that suits you. There is no real formula that I find works perfectly because we all have different capacities to work. However, it is extremely important you keep your health up so you are healthy enough for those overnight pulls to get some things done for the next day. There will be times when you need this effort but if you are already strung out, there’s no way you can be helpful.
  3. Enjoy what you’re doing. This is easier said than done however if you remember, you started this venture because it was a passion and you like what you’re doing. What I mean by enjoying what you’re doing is that you need to remember to enjoy your passion and not turn it wholly into a chore. Work is involved and it will be tough at times but remember to sit
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    back and “smell the flowers” as the saying goes. For instance, if you began a bike shop because you love biking, don’t forget to actually GO biking to remind you why you started in the first place. Take a look at Yvon Chouinard who started Patagonia. Although this isn’t my favorite example, he never forgot what got him into business in the first place. At first, he only worked so he could continue climbing. This is essential to maintaining your motivation.

Following the few steps I use should help you find and keep your motivation. Sure there are plenty of self-help/motivation building books out there (and nothing against them) but these three steps are all I’ve needed. Maybe this will help you too!

Please leave a comment! I’d love to hear what you think and especially about what motivates you.


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