Finding your entrepreneur. Don’t hold back.

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Now that we have looked at what it is to be an entrepreneur and how to find your passion, let’s take a look at finding your entrepreneur. In finding your passion, you have focused in on what drives you. You have found that interest where you are motivated beyond the average person. What you need to do now is figure out how to turn that into a business and that is finding your entrepreneur.

This recent article about wanting to be a successful entrepreneur is a good example of understanding your industry and why it is important. I would disagree with the premise of the article slightly. I agree you should know your industry in and out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t GET to know the industry you are passionate about. DON’T HOLD BACK just because an industry is new and unfamiliar. Dig in and learn all about it. That is being an entrepreneur.

The more familiar you are with your potential industry, the greater chance you have at success. Entrepreneur’s are all about being successful however that is not the driving force. If your first priority is based on a monetary value or purely to “make a million” you may want to think twice about this path. The difference between someone looking for a quick win and a dedicated entrepreneur is when circumstances get impossibly tough, the quick winner will give up while the entrepreneur will rely on their passion and motivation to help them through.

Success isn’t always measured in money. Success is dependant on how you define it. You may consider it a success if someone reads your blog or finds value in the information you provide, for instance. Wanting to be successful and get paid for it is not a bad thing, just don’t make money your main objective or you may pass on opportunities or ventures that seem too expensive or costly to make happen. Knowing as much as possible about your industry will help you make strategic decisions to help you navigate your industry and find a path toward success.

After reading this post, go and learn as much as you can about your passion and as much as you can about the industry it is in. Really look at the information, what other people and companies are doing in the space, and what you may be able to offer that they aren’t.

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