My second strategy of becoming an Entrepreneur

“Live your Passion”



Passion. Simple as that.

My second strategy to becoming an entrepreneur is to find your passion. You have already given yourself permission to chase your goals and you have defined those goals in my first strategy. The next thing to do is ensure that you are passionate about the goals you are planning to achieve. Think about tasks you have done already in your life and what each of the ones you wanted to do had in common: Passion.

I say passion is simple but in reality it’s not. The concept is simple and most people can understand what I’m looking for but actual discovery of your passion is extremely difficult. I struggled with finding my passion because I had too many hobbies and activities I enjoyed. I couldn’t choose which I was truly passionate about. Sure I love to snowboard and ride dirtbikes, but are these things something I’m so passionate about I will stop at nothing to make happen? No.

How do you find your passion? Honestly, there isn’t much direction I can give you to direct you toward your passion. So many people discover theirs in different ways and for different reasons. For instance, the passionate youngster who had a sick family member who meant the world to them found a passion in medicine to help others keep those important people in their lives longer. Sometimes there are life events that will point out your passion like a sore thumb but sometimes there aren’t and it requires more digging. I can tell you that it will take some deep thought and focus to find yours but the actual path to finding it is yours and yours alone.

I found my first passion by focusing on my goals and vision of my life in the future. I asked myself where I wanted to be and what I wanted that future to look like. I also expanded my focus from life passions to passions I could combine with entrepreneurship. In doing this exercise, I discovered my passion is aviation. I have loved it as a hobby, family connection, and even ended up working as a design engineer in the aerospace industry. Much of my life has revolved around aviation or the ability to be an aviator. This is my passion and it is evident in all aspects of my life. I find that I am extremely driven to design and provide products for the aerospace industry. I enjoy aircraft and find that I have that extra drive to make things happen when dealing in aerospace. This is the type of drive you need to find.

After reading about my second strategy, I invite you to find your passion and see if you can apply it to your entrepreneurial goals. Dig deep and evaluate these passions. Remember, this is not about anyone else but yourself because once you start down this path, no one is going to step in and do it for you. You must be able to rely on this passion to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling.

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