So you’ve decided you ARE an entrepreneur! Now what?

“give yourself permission”


Excuses aside, entrepreneurship defined, you have now decided that you are an entrepreneur. Now what? What do you do once you have decided this is you and you have identified with the entrepreneurship poster from what is an entrepreneur in the first place? The answer is: DO ANYTHING (or mostly anything).

You may be wondering why the answer to “Now what?” is anything. I say anything because I have seen so many people identify with entrepreneurship yet they continue to suffer and work for people they do not like, perform poorly in jobs they hate, and begin to have troubles in their lives because they have an identity crisis. The expectations these individuals have for themselves end up not matching with what they are doing in life. “Anything” allows you to literally go in any direction, as long as it is in some sort of direction.

I was one of these people – until I did something about it. I am still in the early stages of developing my strength as an entrepreneur however I have now given myself permission to do so by first stating “I am an entrepreneur”. Each person needs to find their match in identity and purpose through their efforts in entrepreneurship. The alignment of these two parts of your life will, in my opinion, result in tremendous improvements on your work effort, work life, social life, and overall well being.

I have a few strategies that I follow, and invite you follow as well. We’ll take things slow as this is not an overnight success to millions. This takes time, a lot of effort, dedication, and most of all some good ol’ fashioned elbow grease.

The first strategy: 

Give yourself permission to change and the permission to pursue your goals. In giving yourself permission you are allowing yourself to think differently and to begin down this new path. This may not be the first thing a textbook or world renowned article states in your generic 10 steps to be an entrepreneur and I would argue that these generic steps overlook many of the little achievable steps in between.

After giving yourself permission, decide exactly where it is you want to go and what you want to do. We are talking about finding your specific way to provide value to others and how you want to go about doing that. These are your goals. Your goals do not have to be ever defining or all encompassing. Your goals will likely change over time as you begin to find your own way and your own voice. I recommend starting with a small, achievable goal. I think one of the best tips I can provide is that these goals do not have to be revolutionary. These goals can be evolutionary in that you don’t have to be the next Apple or Uber. Find something of value to you and see if you can get it done for others.

Please feel free to leave comments about my blogging. Love it? Hate it? I’m happy to hear what you have to say as I am also learning from you. Remember, this is also a part of giving yourself permission – be engaged and you’ll start taking steps toward being your own entrepreneur. Follow my blog as we continue to explore what is its and how to be and entrepreneur.


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